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Some questions to consider before playing this game?

  • Are you constantly worried about your finances or would you like to create even more income?

  • What went into creating your financial reality the way it is right now?

  • What are the biggest challenges you are facing with your finances?

  • What is the worst part about your finances as they currently are?

  • How long have you been creating, promoting, or allowing your finances the way they are today?

  • What impact are your finances having on your life?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it for you to change your financial situation?

  • If you could turn your finances around and flow freely toward your goals, what would that do for you?

  • What would be the best part about that?

  • Who would you have to be to create the financial income you desire?

  • Who would you need to be to create the absence of debt?

  • Who would you need to be to create a game pass for this program?


​Are you ready to change it all forever?

A Game To Clear Debt And Earn As Much As You Can In 90 Days.

I learned this game from my coach and mentor, Rich Litvin. 

The last time we played this game, my clients generated over $234,361 in combined income in only 90 days.

This game is not for the faint of heart. Your payment to this program will be more than just the financial investment in you. It will require you to show up in YOUR most powerful form, and the best part, you don't have to do it alone!

You will track everything, get daily reminders to get in the game, receive the inspiration you need to play at your highest level, and if you choose, receive the group or one on one accountability you will need to show up as a Giant in your financial world.

Are you ready to play?

Here’s what is included in the game depending on the level at which you decide to play...

Basic Player Game Pass $333

Text, Email, Gameboard Package

(A self-paced; self-study pass)

  • 28" x 21" Game Poster

  • Daily text countdown messages

  • Daily...or So... Insights

  • The evolutionary player’s Handbook-

Yep, you read that right. a constantly evolving

and living document to help you live your

highest financial potential


Player Plus Game Pass $1888

(888 is the synchronistic symbol of 

success, abundance, and financial prosperity)

  • Everything in Basic Player pass, and also includes...

  • 12 Journeys Coaching around money

  • A Giant dice to remember to keep playing and have fun in life

  • 6 biweekly live group coaching calls by Zoom

  • A private group for 12G Players to collaborate, share wins and grow

  • A signed copy of The Giants and the Smalls

  • A signed copy of The Art of Accomplishment

  • The book: A Happy Pocket Full of Money

  • The book: How to solve your money problems forever

  • The book: 5000 Things by Nadine Larder

  • Access to exclusive interviews with financially successful gurus

Player Elite Game Pass $15,555

(This is the pass of all passes. If you want to really launch your success into orbit, this will do it. We are adding massive value to the elite package)

  • Everything in Player Plus pass, and also includes...

  • 90 Days of weekly One on One 12 Journeys Mindset Coaching

  • 90 Days of Elite weekly accountability and individual coaching from some of the best money-makers and debt-elimination experts in the industry

  • Unlimited Spot coaching through text, Messenger, and Whats App

  • 1 Year Subscription to Rocket money and debt payoff planner

  • Anything else we believe would serve you in your financial journey

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