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The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt is the story of a Small, Ritt, who believes he is capable of more, and even though other Smalls tell him becoming a Giant is impossible, or that Giants are special, Ritt decides to venture out to discover the truth for himself.

Giants and Smalls were massively different in size, but it wasn't because they couldn't be like each other. Their world is similar to ours in so many ways, and the most magical thing about it is that every Giant and every Small has a chance to reach their fullest potential no matter their history, regardless of what naysayers might say, and despite any setbacks or limiting beliefs they might have. This book teaches every child (and adult) that they are capable of great things if they will work, think, and act differently.


The Giants and the Smalls is an inner-child's book. A book that shows the path adults will need to heal their inner child, those parts where they may feel small. This is a personal internal journey that each of us faces when we pursue our highest potential.