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Mima reads "The Giants and The Smalls" by Nicholas Townsend Smith - SUCCESS story

Mima reads "The Giants and The Smalls" by Nicholas Townsend Smith - SUCCESS story

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Insightful Children’s Book Borne of Major Trials Brings Hope to the Reader


The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt


(Salt Lake City, Utah, March 13, 2020) Author Nicholas Townsend Smith shows us that brilliance can be borne of very hard times. Back in 2008, Smith lost his business, his home, and filed for bankruptcy. He was a husband and father of young children. Starting over, he accepted a job which caused him to drive through middle America and upscale subdivisions on the daily commute. He began to think about the diversity: How did some people have huge homes and some people have midsize homes? What was the difference and was it possible for the people in the midsize homes to have an opportunity to change their lives if they so desired? 


Smith wanted his children to know that having all that they dream of would be caused by their own efforts. He wrote “The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt” for them. But, as life got busy, the book sat on a shelf for years until fast forward to 2019. Again, Smith was facing trials; the emotional challenges that are inherent when going through a divorce. He needed an anchor project to keep his mind engaged. He chose to resurrect and complete this charming folklore-ish story of Rimi and Ritt. He found a talented Argentinian artist, JuanManuel Tumburus, to bring to life a world that Smith had created.  


This book has a story of brilliance born of dreams and hard work, but it was fueled by the author’s desire to teach his children correct principles and to help heal his broken heart. The reader will undoubtedly feel the calm magic of success, creating a can-do empowerment. 


With perfect timing to bring a message of hope in the current economic downturn, on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the book will launch through a Kickstarter campaign. A percentage of each purchase will add funds to provide books to children through a nonprofit, Foster Kids Roads to Success.  


Books may be purchased through the Kickstarter campaign ( or directly on the website (; ships globally. Currently available in English, future editions will be in other languages. 




Author Nicholas Townsend Smith is available for TV, radio, and podcast interviews. He is gregarious and has a fabulous stage presence.  He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. 


Contact Ryan Morris to arrange interviews or to request images/more information. 

Ryan Morris (801) 792-3502

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