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Becoming a Giant: Your Guide to Personal Growth and Transformation

Perhaps you have asked the question, What resources do I have in the process of becoming a giant, besides reading the book? Well, stepping into the realm of a giant might seem like a massive leap, but with the right resources, it's an exhilarating journey of self-discovery and growth.

And what could be a better way to embark on this journey than participating in one of our Sum Gigante (SG) 8-week journeys?

Sum Gigante (SG) 8-week journeys - This transformative journey is the most potent way to unlock your inner Giant. Through an immersive, personalized program, you will explore new dimensions of personal and professional growth. Think of it as your guide to becoming a Giant. (Learn more here)[]

Beyond the Sum Gigante, there's a world of resources at your disposal:

Giant Events - These events, listed on the Giants and Smalls website, are stepping stones towards growth and learning. From Integrative Book Readings to 12 Journeys Trainings and Webinars, these events act as a booster shot for your Giant transformation. (Check them out)[]

Giants and Smalls Blog - Packed with insights, articles, and deep discussions, this blog is your personal Giant encyclopedia, making the concept of 'Giant' more accessible and relatable. (Read on)[]

Tribe of Giants - This Facebook community connects you with fellow journeyers on the same path all around the world. It's a safe space to share, learn, and gain the support you need while on your Giant journey. (Join the community)[]

Wake Up with Giants TV - This YouTube channel serves up a hearty dose of inspiration through more than 600 videos that fuel your journey toward becoming a Giant. Plus with over 200 interviews, this is a podcast that will open you to Giant possibilities. You can catch new episodes every Sunday at 9AM MDT (Tune in)[]

"Awaken The Giant Within" by Tony Robbins - This book is your personal growth toolbox, providing you with strategies to manage all aspects of your life. It's a roadmap to your Giant self. (Grab your copy)[]

Growing as Grown-Ups - Offering free tools to help you bridge the gap between who you are and who you want to be, this resource helps you break free from the status quo and evolve into your ideal self. (Start Growing)[]

Tony Robbins Results Coaching - Designed to instill a culture of excellence within you, this program serves as your mental and spiritual personal trainer. (Explore more)[]

Remember: Becoming a Giant is about unleashing your inner Giant. Let's transcend our past and reach our fullest potential.

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