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Beyond Learned Helplessness: The Transformative Power of Persistence and One More Try

Giants and Smalls Original Steel Artwork Ritt Looking to The Sky by Artist Pride Smith


Key takeaways

  1. Learned helplessness and defeatism can hamper our growth.

  2. Growth and learning can be influenced by our mindset.

  3. The right blend of mindset and skills is crucial for personal development.

  4. Emotions and judgments, while important, shouldn't dictate our world.

  5. Every small step taken in the face of challenges brings us closer to our inner giant.


Welcome to the world of the small. For many of us, it's a territory too familiar, a land marred by feelings of learned helplessness, despair, and defeatism. Standing on this terrain, we glance forward and glimpse an intimidating fortress of security, surrounded by an overwhelming ocean. Our reflections in this water paint a picture of insignificance and smallness.

We ask, "Who are we to dream of creating something so large and impactful?" In the shadows of the giants – those seemingly invincible individuals basking in the glory of success and accomplishment – we might feel dwarfed, trivial, almost invisible.

But today, I invite you on a remarkable journey—a voyage of transformation, persistence, and relentless grit. Through this narrative, let's uncover the incredible power of one more step, one more try.

A Tale of Giants and Smalls

To understand this journey, let me introduce you to a character from my book—Ritt.

Ritt belongs to a group called the 'Smalls,' humble folks who keep their eyes on their paths, hardly daring to glance upwards. Ritt lived most of his life as a 'small.' His world was straightforward, eyes glued to his immediate path, oblivious to the existence of the giants that lived among him.

The 'giants,' symbolic of our untapped potential, are always nearby, but the Smalls, like many of us, choose to ignore them.

But one day, the giants' laughter echoed through the sky, reaching Ritt's ears. Intrigued, Ritt found himself looking up for the first time. His eyes widened in awe, his mind flooded with questions, "Is that possible for me? Can I do that? How did they get so big?" This moment sparked a revelation in Ritt. He realized that the giants' journey to their great stature was a gradual process, achieved through persistent grit and a relentless pursuit of growth—one small step at a time.

Our Story, Our Journey

Isn't that our story too? Aren't we all a bit like Ritt, looking up at our giants, our possibilities, and pondering the big questions? But remember, Giant, this journey is about acknowledging those parts of us that feel small, updating them, and stepping into our might.

The Dynamic Duo: Mindset and Skills

And what's our secret weapon in this grand battle against despair? It's the dynamic duo of mindset and skills. They're like peanut butter and jelly – one without the other just doesn't taste right. Concentrating solely on either would be like trying to bake a cake with just flour or sugar. It's their blend, their alchemy, that equips us to grow.

Giants Were Once Smalls

Here's another truth bomb for you – growth doesn't happen overnight. It's about taking one small step at a time. Giants too take small steps, they're just bigger, that's all. So, even when you're feeling overwhelmed, remember that persistence, grit, and relentlessness are your best pals.

At the heart of our journey from small to giant lies the power of one more step, one more try. It's the relentless spirit, the unwavering belief that each attempt, each tiny step is an inch closer to becoming a giant. It's about celebrating the small wins, the baby steps that compound over time to create something grand, something big.

You see, the giants didn't just sprout overnight. It took persistence, it took grit, and it took relentless small steps. Our growth—be it learning a new skill, developing a mindset, or crafting a life we love—starts with asking "giant questions," just like Ritt did.

The Role of Emotions and Judgments

Let's not forget our constant companions – emotions and judgments. They're like those eccentric relatives who show up unannounced – you can't ignore them, but you don't have to let them control your life either. They're part of your journey, not your destination. So, invite them in, acknowledge their presence, but don't let them steer your ship.

So, dust off your shoes, embrace your feelings, and take that one small step forward. Remember, every step you take, every question you ask, brings you closer to your inner giant.


At the end of the day, it's all about transcending our past, updating our beliefs, and reaching our fullest potential. And the beautiful part? This journey never ends. There's always a higher mountain, a bigger giant to aspire towards. So, keep moving, keep growing, and remember – the world needs your unique giant.

Make it a Giant Day!

This article was created in collaboration with AI.

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