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Embrace Your True Self and Unleash the Magic Within - Join our Crowdfunding Campaign

Join us in celebrating the live launch of our crowdfunding campaign for "The Tortoise's Hair"!

We are thrilled to share with you a world-changing book that promotes self-love, acceptance, and kindness. This illustrated children's book tells the story of a tortoise named Frankie, who must choose between fitting in with others or embracing their true self. The book touches on themes of transformation, authenticity, empathy, and diversity, promoting values that are crucial to creating a better world.

By donating to our campaign, you can help us make this book a reality and spread its message of choosing love, beauty, and happiness. Your funding will also support transparency and trust in the process of creating this book. Together, we can impact the global community by promoting a message of positivity and acceptance.

The Tortoise's Hair begins with a legend passed down among tortoises that a great change is coming, and they must be prepared. One day, a tortoise is born without any hair and has the special task of ushering in the changes and helping others prepare. However, this tortoise must choose between fitting in with others or being true to themselves.

Frankie, the main character of the story, goes on a journey to discover her true self and chooses to embrace her individuality, which leads to a change in the world.

Through the illustrations in this book, readers can connect with the emotions and messages at the heart of the story. The Tortoise's Hair has the potential to inspire and promote self-love, acceptance, and kindness in the world, promoting a world of love, kindness, and acceptance for all.

Our author, Nicholas Townsend Smith, is the creator of the popular book, The Giants and the Smalls. With his experience and qualifications, he has a well-developed plan in place to overcome any obstacles that may arise during the creation of this book.

We are aiming to raise $10,000 in funding to cover the costs of illustration, editing, and marketing. Regardless of whether we reach our full funding goal, the funds will still be used for the creation of this book.

We need your help to make this project a success! If you are unable to contribute, there are still many ways to support us. Use Indiegogo's sharing tools to promote the campaign on social media, provide constructive feedback, and suggestions for improvement, back our campaign early to help build momentum, engage influencers, and become part of the community by answering other backers' questions and participating in discussions.

Join us in backing this project today and be part of the movement for positive change.

Are you ready to embrace your true self and unleash the magic within?

Let's make this book a success!

Watch for our live launch, March 10, 2023

Follow the journey and share at

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