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Overcoming Un-deservingness: Growing Your Inner Giant

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

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Key Takeaways:

  • Acknowledge feelings of undeservingness.

  • Understand the concept of unbecoming to let go of limiting beliefs.

  • Recognize the power of both triumphs and challenges in personal growth.

  • Know that reaching full potential involves transcending past limitations.

  • Understand the importance of gratitude on the journey of overcoming undeservingness.


Have you ever wondered why you're not at the point where you thought you’d be in life? Ever asked yourself why you're always playing small? Well, maybe it's time we talk about overcoming undeservingness and start nurturing our inner giants. Brace yourself; this might be a wild ride, like trying to change the toilet paper roll with a cat in the room.

From Playing Small to Living Large

Playing small is like being stuck in a traffic jam during a summer heatwave with a busted A/C. It's uncomfortable, stifling, and you feel like you're going nowhere fast. It’s easy to think, "I don't deserve better." That thought pattern is the 'small' part of you talking.

Now, imagine the "inner giant" as the coolest version of you - that one who always has a snappy comeback and never has lettuce stuck in their teeth. Your giant knows that you deserve every good thing the world has to offer. The trick is convincing the rest of you.

The Art of Unbecoming

Unbecoming sounds like something a disgruntled Victorian-era grandmother would yell at her rebellious granddaughter. But here, it's all about shedding what makes us feel small and unworthy. No sledgehammers are required; think more of an "update" button for the soul.

Remember the time you doubted your ability to pass that difficult class, but studied your brains out anyway and aced it? That's unbecoming - the process of replacing self-doubt with confidence.

The Fullest Potential

Reaching your fullest potential sounds like a monumental task, like learning to juggle flaming swords while reciting the alphabet backward. But it’s simply the act of transcending past limitations and stepping into your greatness.

Think about a moment when you surprised yourself with your abilities. Maybe it was nailing a presentation at work or cooking a three-course meal without burning anything. Those moments show that you are growing, reaching for your potential, and your giant is stirring.

In overcoming undeservingness, we express gratitude for both triumphs and challenges, realizing that every stone we trip over becomes a stepping-stone on the path of personal growth. Think of the lessons you've learned from mistakes as bricks. You can either build walls with them, blocking your progress, or you can build a path, leading you to the life you truly deserve.

To Sum Up

So, how do you start nurturing your inner giant? Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Acknowledge your feelings of undeservingness.

  2. Begin the process of unbecoming - let go of the small beliefs that hold you back.

  3. Embrace your successes and learn from your mistakes.

  4. Show gratitude for both your triumphs and challenges.

  5. Believe that you are deserving of the life you truly want.

Life is a journey of growth and change. It's time to swap that small car for a big rig and drive confidently down the highway of life.

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This article was created in collaboration with AI.

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