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Redefining Life: How Letting Go of Your Ideals Can Unleash Your Inner Giant

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

A resilient tree adapting to the changes

Have you ever made a perfect plan, painted an ideal picture of your life, and then watched it get shredded to bits by the harsh teeth of reality? Trust me, you're not alone!

Let me share a truth bomb Charles Darwin dropped once: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.” Now, before you ask, no, I'm not suggesting we grow a third arm to adapt to a high-demand desk job, but rather, to transform our thinking and embrace life's many curveballs.

Life, my dear friend, is like a hyperactive DJ, constantly changing the tune and tempo, and if we're adamant about sticking to our old dance moves, we'll be offbeat and off balance. We all have our "ideals", right? The perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect avocado toast… but life loves to toss our neatly stacked Jenga tower of ideals, just to see how we pick up the blocks and restack them.

Here's the thing: Our ability to adapt isn't just about survival, it's about growth. It's about shedding the small, restrictive labels we place on ourselves and unearthing our inner Giant.

Now, let me be clear, by "Giant" I don't mean going Hulk and smashing through everything (although wouldn't that be cool?). Rather, our inner Giant is that part of us that is resilient, courageous, and innovative. It's that tiny, oft-silenced voice that says, "I can", even when everything else screams, "You can't".

Remember that time when you got laid off, and instead of wallowing in self-pity, you finally started that freelance gig you'd been dreaming about? Or when your first date was a disaster (he didn't even know the difference between 'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek'!) but you bravely signed up for another date anyway? That's your Giant. It's not about slaying our fears or insecurities, but about acknowledging them, learning from them, and growing beyond them.

Living from our inner Giant is about transcending our past, living authentically, and reaching our fullest potential. It’s about letting go of what makes us feel small and embracing the changes and challenges that shape us into unique, vibrant individuals.

Remember, we don't become smaller when our ideals are challenged. Instead, we have the opportunity to grow into something even more remarkable.

This article was created in collaboration with AI.

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