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Slash the Judgment and the Emotion! Harnessing the Power of '/' for Personal Growth

Cup of joe abstract depiction of '/' symbol, human brain, symbolic representation of a diverse range of emotions

Key Takeaways:

  1. The symbol '/' can aid in separating our self-identity from our transient emotions.

  2. This separation allows for a healthier perception of our experiences and facilitates personal growth.

  3. Emotions are constructs of our brain, not reactions to the world.

  4. By practicing the power of '/', we upgrade aspects of ourselves that feel small, transcending our past and reaching our fullest potential.


Hey there, You Fantastic Giant! Today, we're embarking on an enriching exploration into the realms of self-awareness, emotions, and the profound significance of a seemingly ordinary symbol—'/'.

Buckle up, because this might just be the rollercoaster ride of self-discovery you didn't know you needed!

Let's start with a commonplace scenario. It's a gloomy Tuesday afternoon. You're ensconced in your go-to cozy spot, nursing a warm cup of joe, when out of the blue, you utter, "I am sad."

Stop right there! Let's perform a little linguistic surgery on that statement with our new operative tool, '/'. Voila! Now, the statement transmutes into "I AM / Sad."

Isn't that something? This tiny symbol has just injected a whole new dimension of perspective into our sentiment. Instead of allowing an emotion to permeate our entire existence, we're merely acknowledging its temporary presence in our psyche. It's akin to stating, "Look, there's a cloud in the sky," instead of saying, "The sky is a cloud."

The symbol '/' serves as a separator, a bridge between our core selves and our transient emotions, assessments, evaluations, and judgments. It's like moving from a crammed storage closet (our emotions) into a sprawling, elegant villa (our self).

The possibilities are endless, the freedom palpable, and the opportunity for self-growth astronomical. You're not merely 'sad.' You're you, an amazing Giant, currently experiencing the emotion of sadness.

A wee symbol, yet, it carries such transformative potential!

Esteemed neuroscientist and psychologist Lisa Feldman Barrett once stated, "Our emotion is constructed in the moment, by core systems that interact across the whole brain, aided by a lifetime of learning. Emotions are not reactions to the world; they are your constructions of the world." This is as if the master architect of our psyche is handing over the blueprint and saying, "Hey, you're in control!"

Using '/' to create a gap between our selves and our emotions/judgments is akin to applying brakes on our internal narrative. It's a permission slip for a momentary hiatus, a chance to inhale deeply, to assess, and to comprehend. We're not the feelings or thoughts we harbor.

They are our constructs, and if we can build them, we certainly have the capability to remodel, too.

Recognizing this fact is the key that unlocks the treasure trove of self-development. There's a world of difference between "I'm a failure" and "I AM / Experiencing failure." The first statement is akin to quicksand, pulling us into an identity crisis, while the second is an acknowledgment of a temporary stumble on the journey of life. The inclusion of '/' turns an identity trap into an experiential observation.

The practice of wielding the power of '/' isn't about conquering, annihilating or dismissing any part of us. It's not a war cry but a whisper of growth. It’s about upgrading those aspects of us that are wrapped in the cocoon of limitation. It’s about transcending our past and unfurling our wings to reach our fullest potential. And guess what? All this profound transformation is enabled by a simple '/'.

Remember, we're all beautiful 'under construction' signs.

Rome, after all, wasn't built in a day, and I daresay, a couple of strategically placed '/' would have accelerated its progress. So let’s embrace the power of '/', and let’s awaken our inner giant to be the architect of our reality.

Until our paths cross again, stay curious, keep exploring, and remember - in the grand scheme of life, you are more than just your emotions.

You are you, and that's your superpower!

Make it a Giant Day!

This article was created in collaboration with AI.

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