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So...I just realized I'm a Giant...Now what?

Image of an elephant tied to a chain

If there's one thing that gets me chuckling, it's waking up and realizing you've been a giant all along. A bit of an oddity, wouldn't you say? But don't fret! This realization is, by far, one of the best things that could ever happen to you. It's akin to taking off those grimy, old glasses and seeing the world in full high-definition for the first time.

Like me, you've probably had those moments where you've played small - times when you've felt insignificant, insecure, judgmental, or envious. Heck, you might have even built a tiny fortress around these feelings. But what if I told you that this "playing small" isn't really you at all? Here's the kicker - it's just parts of yourself that haven't yet realized their potential to be giants too!

Imagine each of these 'small parts' as lost children, wandering aimlessly in a dense forest.

Instead of abandoning them, you gather them gently, place them on your shoulder, and invite them onto your hand. You treat them as kindly as you would a child. Compassion becomes your weapon and teaching, your purpose. With patience and gentle nudging, you guide them on the path of growth - you help them become giants, just like you.

Remember the story of the elephant tied to a chair by a thin rope in the circus? I can't help but find some parallels here. We're that elephant - born giant but conditioned to believe we're lesser beings. But there's beauty in this realization. Rather than harboring resentment, we can take this opportunity to explore these small parts of us, understand them, and then steer them onto a path that lets our true giant self shine!

In this journey of realizing our Giant'ness, we're not about dismissing parts of ourselves but empowering them to become as 'giant' as they were always meant to be. It's about moving past our restrictions and reaching our true, colossal potential.

So, what's your next move, fellow giant?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Realizing that you're a 'giant' is a transformative moment of self-discovery.

  2. 'Playing small' is not reflective of your true potential.

  3. Embrace the 'small parts' of yourself with compassion and guide them to grow.

  4. You were always a giant, just conditioned to believe you were lesser.

  5. The journey is not about slaying, but about upgrading and empowering these parts.

This article was created in collaboration with AI

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