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Giants and Smalls Is Donating One of Robert P.K. Mooney's 'Foster Kid's Road To Success' Books to a foster child with Every Giants and Smalls Hardcover Book purchased during the Kickstarter campaign.


Your bequests not only make a difference for us, but for kids all over America who need a chance to get started on the right foot. Let's help these kids become GIANTS together!!

Robert P.K. Mooney entered the foster care system at age six, changing homes twenty times before aging out at eighteen. He chose to lead a fulfilling and successful life in spite of the abuse and neglect of his childhood. A Foster Kid's Road To Success is the story of his decision to turn trauma into triumph and shares the six keys that lead to success after aging out of foster care.

What still needs to be done for this book to launch?

Well, the book has been in the hands of beta readers, editors, layout artists, and even several New York Times best-selling authors. So far, the feedback is awesome! Readers love the message and can't wait to get their own copy, so since all of the artwork and editing are done, all that is left is the final layout, printing, and distribution.

How can I participate in this project?

For now, like us on Facebook, and SUBSCRIBE below. You can also follow the adventure by joining the Tribe of Giants here.

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