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Book Tributes

“Giants and Smalls is a beautifully illustrated book with an even more exceptional story about what is possible when we get out of our comfort zone and explore other cultures and ideas. Growth only comes from stretching ourselves beyond what we think we know and the character Ritt teaches us this.” -Paul Cardall, Musician, GMA Dove Award Winner

"This was one of the best children's books I have read!. 😊 Your message is vital in a world of negativity, distractions, doubts, and confusion.

There are a lot of personal growth books written for adults but very little for children. I believe our future is our children and books that teach children how to discover the GIANTS within and that reinforces the truths that " change is possible" with right thinking, beliefs and GIANT MINDED FRIENDS should be bought by every parent, teacher, school librarian, etc.

I want to buy this book for all my grandchildren to reinforce how their dreams can become a reality. GREAT JOB!!!"- Dr. Rachel Smartt, Author Modern Day Miracles

"I think the message of this story is amazing and one that any parent would enjoy sharing with their child. My only negative critique off the bat is...IT’S TOO SHORT 😊. I want more!" -Charity Reid

"I absolutely loved your story and its message. The illustrations are stunning and reel you in." -Rachael Sobel

"I absolutely love your book, it has a great message for children to think big and to do big things! It highlights that you can be anything in life as long as you change your mind and put in the work, even if you were born a small." -Izabella A. Clark, Sangeeta's House of Too Much Hair

"This is a book that I would give to an individual as they graduate from high school, but yet I would read to a 5-year-old. Some say young kids wouldn’t have the attention span to listen to a book like this but I believe they would and they would understand it to their ability. As years go on they would read it again and get more out of it. This will make it a family favorite as it transforms with the person, teaching a new lesson every time. Having a book that is a family favorite is so special. I guess that is what giants do, they create big things. I can’t wait to buy my own book because this book is going places!" -Natalie Cook

"This book is lovely! Such a timeless and sweet story, with such an important and encouraging message." -Dawn Blankenship

"The Giants and the Smalls (The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt), written by Nicholas Townsend Smith, is a wonderful story! It's well written and the illustrations match the greatness of the story. J. Tumburus' illustrations are beautiful! This book is spectacular down to the last page. It's easy to read and difficult to forget. The story is awe-inspiring! The dialogues between Rimi and Ritt are very realistic and this makes it easy to be inside the story.

My favorite quote, "A Giant sees the abundance of the world. He is grateful for things that a Small doesn’t even see. A Giant knows there is more than enough of everything for everyone, and a Small does not".

I plan to email the story and the Teacher's Guide to our language art teachers. The attached lesson manual is filled with excellent supportive ideas. I will be reading Giants and Smalls to my 1st-8th grade library classes in May. Thanks for sending it my way. I give this book 5 stars." -Rebecca Smith, Vista School Librarian

Verdict: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Must read 🏆

"An allegorical story with attractive, full-page illustrations and a clear message about the power of believing in oneself"- Satabdi Mukherjee


Here is the full review:

"The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt revolves around two groups of people--Smalls and Giants--and their thought processes and beliefs. Smalls remained small in size, thought, and lifestyle because their beliefs were narrow, whereas Giants were large in all aspects because they thought broadly and progressively. This is a story about how Rimi, a Small, aspires to become a Giant.


The writing is direct and clear and the language is simple enough for children to understand. Certain "big" words have been introduced now and then, and it is hoped that readers will expand their vocabulary and understand the meaning of these words by the context in which they have been used.


The book is divided into sections, corresponding to each stage of the story. Moral lessons are imparted as dialogues between the main characters. The main idea of each section of the story is summarized at the bottom of the page.


Ritt is a Small who aspires to become a Giant and is willing to put in the work. Rimi is a friendly Giant who introduces Ritt to the world of Giants. Ritt's character gradually develops through the course of the book, and we get to see the change in his thought processes, step by step.


The full-page illustrations have the power to draw you in and make you pause while you contemplate the lines, colors, and tones. On their own, the pictures have the ability to tell the story. If it had such an effect on me, I can easily imagine how fascinating it would seem to a child.

Mostly, muted colors have been used, and scary or sad scenes have been painted in cooler hues to depict these emotions. Happy and hopeful scenes are brighter.


The book sends a clear and powerful message: you can be whatever you want to be. You only need to believe in yourself and work towards your goal relentlessly.

Final Thoughts

This is a brilliant book to stoke every child's imagination and broaden their horizons. A list of discussion points at the end of the book is helpful in starting a conversation between children and their parents or teachers." REVIEWED BY Satabdi Mukherjee

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