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The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt is the story of a Small, Ritt, who believes he is capable of more, and even though other Smalls tell him becoming a Giant is impossible, or that Giants are special, Ritt decides to venture out to discover the truth for himself.

Giants and Smalls were massively different in size, but it wasn't because they couldn't be like each other. Their world is similar to ours in so many ways, and the most magical thing about it is that every Giant and every Small has a chance to reach their fullest potential no matter their history, regardless of what naysayers might say, and despite any setbacks or limiting beliefs they might have. This book teaches every child (and adult) that they are capable of great things if they will work, think, and act differently.


The Giants and the Smalls is an inner-child's book. A book that shows the path adults will need to heal their inner child, those parts where they may feel small. This is a personal internal journey that each of us faces when we pursue our highest potential. 

Flat Giant.png

Hi, you don’t know me.
Not yet, anyway,
But I brought an adventure
To brighten your day
I come from a land
Where my friends are all small
But by seeing the world different
We grow tall tall tall.
Can you imagine, my friend,
A world thats like that?
A place where your dreams
Will never fall flat?

A place where you see
What giants can do
A place to create 
All your visions anew? 

That’s why I’m here 
To open your eyes
To your possibility 
Of reaching the skies.

To remind you that you 
Have a giant within
And with that idea,
Let the venture begin

My message is simple
And I brought it for you
It will go in your heart
And cause something new

To stir deep inside you
in ways you can’t see
If you’ll follow the journeys
A giant you’ll be.

There’s a book that was written
To open your mind
To the secrets of giants
And inside you’ll find

A journey of a small 
Who believed there was more
Than just eating pea soup
Living a life thats a bore.

He journeyed and climbed 
And learned from a great
And developed and earned
His new giant trait

He grew and he grew
And the bigger he got,
Accomplished his dreams
And any thought that he thought

And then he taught others 
That they had that too
And he shared ‘bout his venture
Of what all giants knew

And many more giants
Began walking the land
That things can go better
Than we’ve ever planned

So will you grab that book 
And read it, my friend?
See yourself in the message
From beginning to end?

Cause here’s what I promise,
And you heard it from me,
If you follow those teachings
A giant you’ll be.

Are you ready to start?
Shall we have some fun? 
Get that book in your hand
Cause your journey’s begun.

Nicholas Townsend Smith © 2022

To get a printable cutout of Ritt, simply click on the image above. Once you have the image, cut it out and take a photo of yourself holding it as you embark on your own Giant adventures. Don't forget to share your photos on social media using the hashtag provided.


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