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Nicholas Townsend Smith Short Bio

Shortened Bio:

Nicholas Townsend Smith is a resilience coach and AI innovator, founder of 12 Journeys, and author of "The Giants and the Smalls." After overcoming his own mental health challenges, he pioneered integrating AI with traditional coaching methods through his venture, Time Thief Labs. Holding a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Nicholas applies a blend of scientific rigor and practical application to empower individuals to transform challenges into growth opportunities. Visit and to learn more.

Guest Intro for Podcasts, Panels, and Speaking Engagements:

Please welcome Nicholas Townsend Smith, a trailblazer in the fields of resilience coaching and artificial intelligence. Founder of 12 Journeys and author of 'The Giants and the Smalls,' Nicholas has transformed his personal adversities into a global platform that integrates cutting-edge AI technology with the principles of psychological resilience. A master in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, he brings a unique blend of analytical insight and practical strategies to help individuals navigate their personal and professional challenges. Today, he joins us to share his insights on leveraging technology, including the greatest technology of all time--the human brain, to enhance personal growth and overcome life’s obstacles. Let’s dive into the transformative wisdom Nicholas has to offer.

Nicholas Townsend Smith Long Bio

He's been dubbed 'The Gentle Giant' - meet Nicholas Townsend Smith

Nicholas Townsend Smith: Founder of 12 Journeys, Author, and Innovator in Resilience and AI

Nicholas Townsend Smith has charted a path from personal struggle with mental health to leading advancements in resilience coaching and AI integration. Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and complex PTSD in 2017, he turned these challenges into the foundation of his professional mission—creating the global community The Tribe of Giants, devloping the12 Journeys coaching framework, and authoring "The Giants and the Smalls."

Nicholas's practical philosophy is rooted in the belief that mastery comes through persistence: "In order to get what you want out of life, you have to be willing to suck at something long enough to get good at it." This guiding principle has shaped his approach to both personal development and professional leadership.

Innovative Use of AI in Coaching

As the driving force behind Time Thief Labs, Nicholas integrates artificial intelligence to enhance traditional coaching methods, making sophisticated problem-solving accessible to a broader audience. This blend of AI with human-centered coaching has positioned him as a sought-after speaker and consultant, particularly appealing to those looking to leverage technology for personal growth.

From Scholar to Influential Speaker

Holding a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Nicholas applies a rigorous analytical framework to his work in emotional and psychological resilience. His engagements, ranging from "Wake Up with Giants TV" to international workshops, focus on actionable insights, grounded in real-world applications rather than theoretical constructs.

Engage with a Practical Visionary

Nicholas Townsend Smith offers more than just coaching; he provides tools and insights that equip individuals to navigate their challenges effectively, supported by the latest in technology. His platforms extend beyond personal coaching into providing resources that offer sustained engagement and ongoing growth.

Explore how Nicholas's unique blend of psychological acumen and technological innovation can enhance your journey. Visit and to connect and learn more about transforming challenges into tangible outcomes.



"The Giants Journey was a monumental catalyst for change in my work and life. Its clarity and depth are unparalleled." - Cheryl Martin, Organizational Consultant


"Nick's book reading created new 'Giants' before my eyes. The Giants TV podcast continually uplifts and inspires our community." - Rebecca Shannon


"Discovering 'The Giants and Smalls' was a pivotal moment in my personal and professional life. The simplicity yet profound depth of Nick's teachings has empowered me to share this transformative message with my clients in the UK. Meeting Nick and experiencing his genuine warmth and wisdom firsthand has only deepened my commitment to spreading this powerful approach to growth." - Fiona Ross, The Queen of Kings

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Ryan R Morris Bio Short Bio

Meet Ryan, an entrepreneur and mentor from Salt Lake City. He is a devoted husband and father of five who, after launching a sales training company with Nick Smith, co-founded Mandelbrot Productions and The Tribe of Giants. Ryan is known as "Ryan The Lion" in the Tribe of Giants, and is also the co-creator of The Twelve Journeys Coaching Program and Wake Up With Giants TV. With extensive business, sales, customer service, management, and consulting experience, Ryan is passionate about serving and empowering others through mentorship and guidance. Join him on his journey of growth, expansion, and positive change.

Ryan R Morris Bio Long Bio

Meet Ryan Morris, an entrepreneur, and mentor who is on a mission to serve and empower as many people as possible. Currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ryan is a devoted husband and father of five beautiful children. In 2018, Ryan began his journey with Nick Smith at an RV dealership, where they launched a sales training company. This collaboration was just the beginning of an incredible journey of growth, expansion, and positive change.


After meeting the bestselling author Richard Paul Evans, Ryan and Nick launched Mandelbrot Productions, a publishing and production company that has helped authors and creatives bring their visions to life. They also published Nick's book, The Giants and The Smalls, which led to the creation of a community of Giants called the Tribe of Giants. In the Tribe of Giants, Ryan is known as "Ryan The Lion."


In addition to co-creating Mandelbrot Productions and the Tribe of Giants, Ryan is also the co-creator of The Twelve Journeys Coaching Program and the weekly live-streaming show, Wake Up With Giants TV! Ryan's passion for loving service has enabled him to help others create miracles in their lives by providing support, guidance, and mentorship. He believes in the power of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and gratitude and loves to share his knowledge and experience with others.


Ryan's entrepreneurship mindset has helped him overcome challenges and obstacles and make a positive impact on the lives of those around him. Growth, expansion, adaptation, adjustment, pivoting, flourishing, succeeding, and learning from failures are his constant goals. Ryan's extensive business, sales, customer service, management, and consulting experience, combined with his love for people, makes him a valuable asset to anyone looking to transform their lives.


In the short four years Ryan has spent with The Giants, he has transformed himself into an industry leader, mentor, and coach. His story is one of perseverance, determination, and the power of positive change. Join Ryan on his journey of personal growth and development, and transform your life today!



Nick is called the Gentle Giant for a reason. The way he teaches his SG course and the impact he leaves on a person after it’s finished, is worth every penny spent. He has a way in helping a person realize their own Giant potentials. From Nicks gentle coaching style, to his vast amounts of knowledge ,to the beliefs he holds in each one of us, makes taking this course a life altering decision. I cannot thank him enough. I am forever grateful to be part of this Giant Tribe. “Be the Giant that’s already within you” 



What Nick has created with SG is a way for us all to see our own giantess. To become our own giant not a copy of someone else. I was reminded that the journey is almost like a skipping stone. They're ups and downs, yet we are constantly moving forward. There are moments when we don't feel we are as a giant. That's ok. Yet we need to remember to look around. There are some smalls that have yet to have an awareness they could be a giant. You being you might be that awareness... Even when you don't feel like a giant. SG stitches together so many things you thought you knew and didn't. It provides a way to put different tools in your tool kit as you go forward... As you skip ahead in life.



Nick's coaching was spot on and is such alignment. It really put us in a place to come from our highest. A Giants Journey on aligning his/her ownself to their highest self and highest potential in life. All work is done within ourselves and this gives you a clear path to make quantum leaps within.

Are YOU Ready To Live A Giant Life?

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We have one goal: to make the world a place where everyone feels like they can be themselves. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential and live up to their fullest potential.

Master the Language of the Giants in the Sum Gigante (SG) Twelve Journeys Program


Our individual and group coaching programs take YOU through Twelve Journeys to master your mindset and your highest way of being in simple and repeatable steps. You will have the mindset of a Giant and this will move you away from playing Small.

What does having a Giant Mindset mean for you?

  • It means that no matter your origin, gender, culture, race, political, or religious views, you matter, and your contribution, no matter how seemingly small or large, can have a positive impact on this world.

  • You become the observer and narrator of your life. You take back your power.

  • You own your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and the impact they have on yourself and others.

  • You are equipped with tools to hold space for, handle, and recover from difficult emotions and events.

  • You know how to navigate uncertainty.

  • You have an abundant mindset.

  • You have grit.

  • You have respect for others and differing points of view without relenting your own value system.

  • You have a vision for your life and are able to nurture your vision's creation while letting go of how it comes about. You are able to surrender the path while holding the vision.

  • You leave a legacy for you, your loved ones, and humanity. 


Mindset is foundational to any skillset. Without it, skillsets crumble. Nothing kills a great idea faster than a bad attitude. Not building this foundation is like frosting dog poop because who you are BEing will impact everything you do. 

We help YOU recognize YOUR giant potential and actualize it by taking you through six root journeys that break through any unuseful developmental and cultural value systems that keep you from living a giant life. We open up space for life, not only to be what it is but to transform in ways you never imagined.


We follow this healing and release by taking you through five growth journeys where you will learn to love uncertainty and know exactly what it takes to uncover your life's purposes, and surrender to the pathways that will take you to your grandest visions.


Finally, we help you discover and lean into your Giant legacy, and this will give you the "why" you will need to activate your new Giant life.


To date, we have taught these principles to thousands of individuals from around the world. The Twelve Journeys have been received regardless of one's age, gender, culture, beliefs, values, ethics, and morals.


One participant said about this program, "... it saved my life. Every quote, meditation, live session, and recording has helped me to grow, heal, and BEcome who I AM!" Another stated, "It helped me take a deep dive into myself so I could "fully" step into what's possible for my life," and another said that for him it was "life confirming.  It has been a program I used to Become More mindful of what I want to create and of whom I want to BE."


The Twelve Journey Programs are outlined below.


Not only will you learn the Journeys in an experiential learning environment, but they will mold your way of BEing. The live individual and group coaching will ensure that you understand and retain the Giant concepts for years to come and perhaps for a lifetime.


Nicholas Townsend Smith is your facilitator and is the author of The Giants and the Smalls, The Art of Accomplishment, and he holds a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational psychology.

Nick takes people through "The Twelve Journeys"--the twelve steps every Giant needs to know in order to reach their full potential. He does this by tailoring his training for the highest possible impact, which is based on his book, The Giants and Smalls. For kiddos, when it comes to Social Emotional Learning (SEL), nothing teaches it better than the Twelve Giant Journeys.


(Click here to See The Journey's Below) 

Programs range from one-hour sessions to eight-week intensive training. Nick is masterful at helping people step into their Giant potential.


Hire Nick for your next event with the links below or check out the other programs that he offers. Click the iFlyer Image to see more details or scroll past to book...

Our mission: to build a world of Giants!


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