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Nicholas Townsend Smith (Nick)

Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Gentle Giant

Nicholas Townsend Smith, MSP, is a Mindset Coach. He helps you reprogram unuseful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, to create your ideal life. 


Known as the Gentle Giant, he has a way of holding space and listening to you in such a way that you are able to lovingly see yourself and heal your life.


One client said, “Nick is an experience, and he holds the space necessary for you to look within and discover the answers there the whole time. Nick IS the power of the pause. He magnificently holds silent. He has this way of cutting through the noise to get at the heart of a matter in a completely disarming and loving way.”


Another said,


"Having a session with Nick is unlike any other kind of coaching session I have ever had. He is intently focused, you are in the moment. There is something so authentic; it's not forced. He listens to every word and he truly tries to understand what it is I'm saying. I also feel he truly cares. He really wants to make an impact, not just, “ok let's get through this time.” Nick brought out hope when there was none to be found.”


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Nick graduated with honors and received a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He is a devoted father, and he is the author of The Giants and the Smalls (, The Art of Accomplishment (Available on Audible), Sowing Seeds, and many more stories and poems. He has been featured in the news, in podcasts, and in magazines from around the world.


Nick is the co-founder of Wake Up With Giants TV, the League of Giants, the Tribe of Giants, Stretch Revolution, and more. He has coached thousands of individuals and entrepreneurs from around the world and has worked with organizations to develop the mindset they and their teams will need to reach their goals, increase performance, and improve personal and organizational efficiency. 


Nick was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Complex PTSD in 2017, and although this mental challenge affected him for most of his life, he never let it slow him down. He proved through his Twelve Journey program that anyone can be successful regardless of his or her history when they take small steps toward a positive outcome and stay with it long enough to win.

Ryan R Morris

Speaker, Coach, Miracle Maker


As the Master of Miracles, Ryan is able to help people create miracles in their lives daily. He is a masterful life coach helping people of all walks of life. Ryan is also a partner with Nick Smith at the “Giants and the Smalls”, “Wake Up With the Giants” and “The Tribe of Giants”

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J. Tumburus


JuanManuel Tumburús was born in Buenos Aires, in 1981. He began his career in animation studios (HookUp, Framing), until he established himself as an illustrator.


He worked on digital painting and backgrounds for two feature films (El Arca,  a family-oriented Spanish-language tale that offers a lyrical, comic, and surprisingly gentle animated take on the Biblical story of Noah's Ark).


He has been a freelance illustrator since 2007, has illustrated more than 1,000 comic pages for the USA (Boom studios, Kickstart), and has participated in countless advertising spots.


Additionally, he was published in Heavy Metal Magazine, Dark Horse Presents, Pictus, Fierro Magazine, OVNI Press, among others. He is currently engaged in teaching, preproduction animation, video games, and comic books.

"Aun recuerdo el primer contacto con Nick: un pequeño encargo de diseño de personajes, hace casi 10 años atras. Fue un trabajo como otros, de unos pocos días. 

Tiempo después Nick volvió a mí con una propuesta aún mayor: un libro ilustrado con aquellos personajes. Y luego de mas de un año de trabajo el resultado fue increible. El universo de Rimi y Ritt es tan hermoso que fue una aventura genial poder ser parte. Hoy, viendolo hacia atras, siento que todo tiene un sentido: un pequeño encargo, un pequeño sueño, se volvió gigante. Y aún le queda mucho por crecer!

I still remember the first contact with Nick: a small character design commission, almost 10 years ago. It was a job like others, of a few days. Some time later Nick came back to me with an even bigger proposal: an illustrated book with those characters. And after more than a year of work the result was incredible. Rimi and Ritt's universe is so beautiful that it was a great adventure to be able to be part of it. Today, looking back, I feel that everything has a meaning: a small commission, a small dream, became giant. And it still has a lot to grow!"

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