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sHOW mE tHE illustrations...

The illustrations are amazing. My artist is from Argentina and absolutely captured the world I had in mind. This epic tale comes to life when you see the incredible artwork he did for me.

When I first met my artist, I found this image and sent it to him to see what he could come up with:

Giants and Smalls

I imagined a whimsical world, similar to ours in so many ways, but tremendously different.

He came back with these sketches. It wasn't quite what I imagined, so we went back and forth by email--him in Spanish and me in English, trying to find a style that would work.

The Giants and the Smalls
The Giants and the Smalls

In time, we arrived at these two primary characters, and they were perfect:

Giants and Smalls

I finally had my characters, the world I imagined was beginning to come alive, but it would be several more years before I could afford to pay for the rest of the images.

I have to tell you, my artist did an incredible job.

In 2018, I started paying for images, one month at a time. It's what I could afford to do, but I was committed to making this reality, and my illustrator was right there with me. He drew up a storyboard...

The Giants and the Smalls

...and began to bring their world to life. Every month I would pay for another picture and I got more excited with each image he sent.

Giants ad Smalls
Giants and Smalls
Giants and Smalls

It took nearly a year and a half for me to pay for all the images.

Today, this book contains some of the most stunning imagery I have ever seen and I know it will be a treasure for you and your family for years to come. 

Together, the story and the images tell a tale of epic proportions that teaches kids--and adults--that they have so much potential and that they can accomplish anything if they will think differently and work for it.

Ritt Looks Back
Eating Pea Soup and Crackers
Other Smalls Belittling
Climbing the Giant
Standing on the Shoulder of a Giant
Ritt Sees His Potential
Outgrowing His Old Life
Learning From The Giant
Earning His Keep
Giants Among Giants
Overcoming Fear
Powerful Lovely Giant
Overcoming Challenges
Exploring The World
Working Toward Dreams

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