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Writing a Book - A Journey, Not For The Faint of Heart.

When I wrote this book nearly eleven years ago, I had a lot more hair, a smidge less body fat, and my life was still somewhat intact.

If someone would have told me how hard the journey could be, I might not have ventured down it...bah, who am I kidding?! I probably would have charged headlong into it.

I used to think that if I wrote an awesome book it would just sell itself. I could sit back and collect the royalties. Boy, was I wrong! Writing a book is just the beginning. I didn't realize how much editing, searching, and marketing would go into it--so much marketing.

I finished the final draft of the book in late 2019, after paying for the illustrations from my incredible artist and going through an incredibly dark time of my life after ending a 17-year marriage.

This book gave me something healthy to refocus my attention, and I am so grateful for it. Like I said, writing it was just the beginning of the battle.

Since finishing the book back in 2009, I've switched jobs twice, finished a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, raised/raising four kids, went through a divorce, and have discovered that I didn't really have that much of a fan base.

It's challenging building an audience as an introvert. I kind of like my alone time and this book pushed me to get out there to build a platform to launch from.

What I've discovered is that the Giant's journey, while feeling lonely at times, is anything but lonely. I couldn't have accomplished what I have without all the people that showed up in my life to promote, edit, beta read, design, oh, and did I say promote, my book.

What I've also discovered is that all of the work, the sweat, the stretching, the sadness, the anxiety, and everything that goes along with getting a book to market, is worth it. I've grown in ways I never imagined.

If you are an author, be prepared to work! Sure, your baby (your book) is cute, but it still needs to develop, grow, go to college, and make an impact in the world, so be prepared to be a partner with that book all the way through.

Like raising kids, it's not easy, but one day it will be worth it.

It's a journey, and it's not for the faint of heart, but as I said, it's worth it, so hang in there.

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